As we enter December, many makers I know are ramping up their inventory for the upcoming season of gift-giving. The most motivated have got their production runs begun in time for Black Friday. This is a time of year that pays off for many artists and crafters. For some, maker spaces are essential means to scale production.

When I think of maker spaces, one great American word bubbles top of mind most swiftly: freedom. Maker spaces offer people of all walks of life the freedom to create–individually as solo artists and together in creative, purpose-driven groups. …

Artisan’s “Gowntown” team produced 22,000 isolation gowns over four and a half months. These gowns, made with support from a #GetUsPPE grant, were shipped across the country–from Florida to Washington state.

I wrote and shared this piece back on March 30, 2020. With hindsight it is impossible to express how remarkable the global “DIY PPE” movement has been. Today the maker community that I am proud to be a part of in Boston wrapped up our gown making efforts — congrats, team! Over 40,000 pieces later and we’re still living with this pandemic. There is more work to be done.

A little over one hundred years ago Europe and North America were engulfed in the turbulence and the terror of World War 1. Many homes experienced the loss of young men… is an online atlas of indigenous peoples and the lands they occupied prior to European settlement. Learn more at:

Its Indigenous People’s Day in the United States, a day when we acknowledge the histories that brought our ancestors together in North America. We recognize the first peoples who greeted us on arrival and upon whom we visited a new civilization. Surely today we experience the same love for this beautiful country that filled the hearts of Native Americans who lived on these lands, from Massachusetts to Alaska, long before we arrived.

And today is a day to reflect on the course of our history–the propulsive appetites that expanded our civilization and the deep deficits of justice that have enshrined…

A big, broad river of anxiety is flowing through our country. The direct impacts of Covid-19, our toxic politics — all bring dramatic shifts to the experience of being at and within an arts and culture organization. These realities can be distilled into a cocktail of organization change no one wants to drink. Or do we?

Covid-19 has been brutal in the United States. The pandemic has ravaged our economy since March; our educational system has been strained in ways we’ve never experienced. And the inequitable public health dimensions of this outbreak have pitted citizens against each other. …

Lars Hasselblad Torres

Art, technology, education and entrepreneurship. #VT enthusiast. Director @artisansasylum and founder @local64vt. Connect at

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